The Institute for Food Safety and Hygiene (ILS) is responsible for the education of veterinary students in the field of food safety at both locations of the Vetsuisse Faculty (Bern and Zurich). The education focuses on "food of animal origin" (meat, fish, milk, eggs) and the spectrum ranges from feed to food. The education comprises food production in agricultural holdings, harvesting of milk, slaughtering, processing of meat, milk and fish and extends to products at retail and consmer level. From the standpoint of food safety, the integral and preventive approach is of central importance for health protection of consumers.

The contents instructed in the field of food safety are taught in the core module (compulsory for all veterinary students) and in the track modules (veterinary public health" (VPH) and "farm animals".


The subject of food safety, along with epidemiology and the control of epizootic diseases, constitutes an integrating component of the education in veterinary public health (VPH). The contents of teaching and training in the VPH track modules can be directly applied to the education track for official veterinarians Amtliche Tierärzte und Tierärztinnen.

Furthermore the ILS is engaged in the joint biology study course of UZH and ETHZ (Bio 292), the Praktikum Biologie 132 (MNF2845/2846/2847) and the Ph.D. course Microbiology and Immunology UZH und ETHZ.

The ILS is also approved for advanced training within the education of the
"European College of Veterinary Public Health (ECVPH)"


Own teaching aids:

eVPH – an E-Learning modul for the „Veterinary Public Health“ master track